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A full-course meal at La Mia Mamma consisting of apple dishes .

Enjoy a full course meal with local ingredients using apples.

Example: salad with apple dressing, smoked local pork with apple sauce, Hachimantai…


Apple picking activity at an apple orchard .

Take a walk through an apple orchard in the forest and try picking apples. A relaxing activity at the Forest Apple Orchard in Hachimantai. Staff…


Ashiro Lindo Herbarium-making activity .

The Ashiro Lindo flowers grown in Hachimantai make up more than 35% of those in all of Japan, more than any other area of Japan. In town, the…


Kenchin-jiru (Vegetable Soup) Cooking Activity .

A local dish made using well-cooked tofu, salt-pickled mountain vegetables including fuki and warabi. There is no meat or fish…


Laser printing woodworking activity .

Use a laser to cut and mark wood to create art.

There are many variations of patterns and items available to make, including cutouts such…


Sakiori (Rag Weaving) Activity .

Make a coaster using the sakiori technique of tearing thin strips of old kimono fabric and using a loom to make new cloth with them. Experience…


Seasonal fruit jam-making activity .

Make jam with a local woman using fresh seasonal fruits from Hachimantai.
(Blueberries, prunes, apples, rhubarb, etc.)