About the Council

Hachimantai is a leading tourist destination in Iwate Prefecture where 1.8 million tourists collectively spend 500,000 nights yearly. There is an excellent tourist resort forming here composed of the excellent natural environment including the Yakehashiri Lava Flow of Mt. Iwate, the Towada-Hachimantai National Park, Appi Kogen Resort, Matsukawa Hot Springs, and Hachimantai Onsenkyo. However, the drastic reduction in skiers and the shifting trend away from groups toward individual travelers have led to a continuing decline of tourist traffic.

The Hachimantai Farm Stay Council was launched with the aim of branding food and agriculture through the provision of hands-on programs. We were selected by the Farm Stay Promotion Industry in 2018 with the aim of becoming a base for providing hands-on programs in Hachimantai. This council then consolidated the concept and vision of Farm Stays in Hachimantai. With the basic concepts of sustainable agriculture and restoring the earth, we are carrying out activities with the vision of simultaneously actualizing a sustainable society and creating a place for people to come together.

Concept and Vision